Saturday, September 01, 2007

Follow up on the Iraq Forum

As expected, Kenny Hulshof was a no show at the Boone County Government Center. Over a 150 people were in attendance in the standing room only forum. there were many different excuses that the Congressman gave that he couldn't attend. One of them being that only people in Columbia care about the Iraq War. There were many people from Columbia, this is true, but we had people from Moberly, Mexico, and Fulton in attendance. The congressman needs to learn that he represents all of the district, not just the "friendly" ones. There were many different walks of life that made the forum. The most riveting speech was given by a wife of a veteran that suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome. She told a story of him waking up in the middle of the night screaming or getting jumpy during a thunderstorm. After she was done, the entire room gave her a standing ovation. I felt that any problems I might have to face, paled in comparison. Not only is she raising kids, she's dealing with a husband that the Bush administration has forgot. The VA does not offer help to those family members. This is the hidden cost to Bush's failed Iraq policy. We have a generation of men and women that will be scarred for their entire life due to a lie.

It was a great forum, kudos to Pro-vote for pulling it off :)

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