Thursday, April 03, 2008

Needing to Chill

It seems like the powers to be in the Democratic party are either needing to chill or have been told to chill. Senator Harkin is the latest in "chill" politics. A few days ago, James Carville called Governor Richardson a Judas, saying that he betrayed the Clintons. Unlike Judas, I don't think Richardson was a disciple of Hillary. It also looks like Hillary's funds are drying up, while Obama's continue to rise. To be sure, large sums of money in politics have been seen as negative, but the way it has been raised has been unprecedented. Not big money donors, but millions of small individual donations.

Bill Clinton's frustration is talking its toll on him. His red-faced presentation to CA superdelegates did not help Hillary. Chill out Bill, you risking your health and your wife's delicate political situation.

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