Friday, May 18, 2007

The 21st Annual James T. Blair Award

Governor Roger Wilson was the recipient the Blair Award tonight presented by the Cole County Central Committee. This honor is bestowed upon an individual that has shown to have served in public life with integrity, dignity, and reverence to the position they hold or once held. There were around 100 people that showed up at the Truman Hotel in Jefferson city. Among them were current office holders including Rep Judy Baker from the 25th District and Rep Jeff Harris from the 23rd district. Gracia Yancey Backer was the mistress of ceremonies and mildly roasted Gov Wilson a bit. Also speaking was former Senate Pro Tem Jim Mathewson who reminded the audience of more civil days in the legislature and asked for prayer for Gov Wilson's son Drew who has already served 3 tours in Iraq and can be called up again at any time. As Mathewson was making his closing remarks, he compared the cost of gas to the 300 billion cost of the Iraq war and called for the redeployment of troops back to the U.S.

Wilson's speech took us back to the days of compromise where tempers would flare, but concessions were made in the end and both parties respected each other. Gov Wilson pledged that he will do the best he can to get democrats elected in '08.

The Keynote speaker was Attorney General Jay Nixon, who is running for governor against presumably Matt Blunt in 2008. He campaigned on a platform of health care, education (from primary to higher education), and experience. He appeared fired up and ready to take on the governor.

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