Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Rise of Teacher Unions in Missouri: Missouri Supreme Grants Collective Bargaining Power to Teachers

As reported in many Missouri including the Columbia Tribune, teachers now have the right to collective bargaining in the state. Though it doesn't compel the school district to meet any union demands, once a contract is made, the district cannot legally pull out of that contract. According to a news release from the MNEA, teachers will now have a voice on how decisions are made concerning them.

What effect will this have on Missouri school districts? The possibility of strikes comes to mind, especially in urban locales where the pay is low and the retention rate is poor. The court decision: Springfield vs. Clouse, that prevented teachers from collectively bargain, was made 60 years ago and now this author believes that the pent up pressure to organize will be released. Stay tuned, education policy will definitely be changing due to the recent court decision

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