Friday, June 08, 2007

Blunt picks pro-voucher candidate Gambaro to serve on Missouri Board of Education

Gov. Blunt nominated Derio Gambaro - a former State rep and a big voucher supporter. He is connected with a number of pro-voucher organizations such as All Children Matter and the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri, which is based in Columbia Mo. Blunt once again has made an overt gesture to all who support public schools, that this institution will also be sold to the highest bidder. It has always been inappropriate in my opinion to use vouchers that take money away from the public schools so little Johnny can go to Jesus school. This author is well aware that these vouchers can be used for non-religious purposes, but the main push do come from religious groups. It is wrong to have someone on the State school board that has spent years trying to undermine it. Next Blunt will appoint someone who believes that man and dinosaurs roamed the earth together like the Flintstones. Actually the only thing I learned from the Flintstones was to use the same window the cat did to get back inside your house and never order the bronto ribs, it will cause your car to tip over

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