Monday, June 04, 2007

Court Oks State Sponsored Murder?

Well, I want to let everyone know that since the state legislature is out of session, most of my focus will be on local Columbia politics with the occasional news story that affects Missouri. Besides the last couple of weeks have been emotional draining, but I am coming out of it with a sense of really what is important in my life. My friends and family. I do regret getting angry with someone very dear to me recently, but with time and reflection I hope our friendship can thrive. Now, this really has nothing to do with the death penalty...or does it? When a government executes a prisoner, it is final unlike interpersonal relationships. If you get angry at someone that doesn't deserve your invective, you can always apologize and make amends. If you execute someone and you are wrong, you really can't say you're sorry.

A federal appeals court ok'd lethal injection as an accepted killing device. In my opinion, if it is wrong for an individual to kill, it should be wrong for the state. To me the state is not this omnipotent entity that is above the moral law we all follow but a group of individuals. So you have this pomp and circumstance of court room procedure and 12 people choosing your fate, but still doesn't justify murder.

Anyway, cherish your family and friends and let them know that you're OK....So to those I know I want to let you know that I am fine :)

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