Thursday, July 19, 2007


I just saw the movie Sicko by Micheal Moore Monday night. It is a shame that in this country life and death decisions are based on profit and not need. Many critics will point out that Cuban hospitals are crumbling and not well lit. However the point of the movie is that Cuba is a poor nation, but still provides health care on par with the US. In Missouri as in any state, we have great health care, but if you can't afford it, what good is it to you? People need to stop listening to the talking heads talking about government control of health care and the bureaucracy it will create. guess what folks, there is a huge private, for profit, bureaucracy going strong already. A message to the flag waving working poor. Wake up! As you are going bankrupt trying to pay medial bills, the republicans are enhancing their status with the health care industry. Quit helping the rich get more rich at your expense, time to fix this broken system.

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