Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube and 2008

I am not really sold on the premise that YouTube will be a great influence in this next election. Many say that this might get young adults (18-24) interested in politics. Call me skeptical, but we've been trying to this for years. From Arsenio Hall to Rock the Vote, it seems that this young demographic hasn't realized their political power. If they realized what kind of power students have in other westernized nations, they may try to emulate this country. It seems that most of these students are suburbanites that have been taught that their way of life is ideal and there is nothing to really protest or complain about. It is appalling how many students have such conservative views about economics and life in general. Try to pin them down on a certain economic principle and sadly they will regurgitate Hannity, Rush, or some other talking head. The only way I see young voters coming together as a political force is they must have a common ideal, vision, or nemesis to fight for or against.

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