Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barack Obama MOmentum

It is becoming clear that Obama has the head of steam he needs to take on Hillary in the Texas and Ohio primaries. Clinton has had to loan her own campaign 5 million dollars to keep up. I personally don't like when a candidate uses their own money to run their campaign. Now those who do this will tell you that they like to put their money where their mouth is, but the "contribution" always rings hollow.

Clinton is part of the old guard. Don't be fooled, she is not an agent for change. You can't be part of the establishment for over a third of a century and then turn around and say you are going to change it. Hillary believes that this is owed to her. The Democrats in the past had this mindset that nominations should go to party loyalist and if you were some young whipper snapper, you were to wait your turn.

To all you old school Democrats. With the rise of MoveOn and Democracy for America. The grassroots have taken over this party. No more closed off and unaccountable public officials that on;y are Democrats when it is was time for the party nominations. Bush democrats are getting are beginning to realize that their offices are in jeopardy.

Obama vs. Clinton - A battle for party identity

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