Friday, February 15, 2008

Superdelegates - Will they or won't they?

It is becoming clear that superdelegates will have a tremendous effect on the Democratic nomination for President. What is becoming distressing to a lot of people, including myself, that these party insiders will go against the will of voters and choose a nominee that won't be popularly elected. Barack Obama is currently in the delegate lead and has won more pledged delegates than Senator Clinton. However Sen Clinton knows more insiders and get the nomination.

Florida and Michigan broke the DNC rules and moved their primaries. The DNC stripped their delegates. Now because Sen. Clinton won in Michigan (Which she and Dennis K. were the only ones on the ballot) and Florida. She wants them back into play. I think they should be able to caucus. Senator Clinton thinks its unfair. I don't. The candidates were told not to campaign in these states. If delegates are going to be chosen, it should be chosen after the candidates can campaign and take their message to the voters. Clinton is worried that her support will be eroded away. Of course caucuses won't attract all those voters, but the state parties put themselves in that situation. It is ironic, by moving up their primaries, they still marginalized their state.

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